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Working at Winns: Customer Service Advisor

NAME: Julie Jordan
ROLE: Customer Service Advisor


What qualifications or experience did you need for this role?

I had previous experience of working in a call centre for 17 years, although to apply for the job in the Customer Services Team a minimum of one year of call centre experience is needed.

You need good communication skills, listening skills and everything that goes hand-in-hand with speaking on the phone. It doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people, because you need to be patient and calm while being empathetic, ensure that the claim is progressed in the right way and communicate that back to the client.

It is very important to build up a rapport with clients, especially as some can be challenging, so any previous experience of that really helps.

Compared to lots of call centres, the volume of calls is high, so being prepared for that as well as having an ability to multitask so that you can take calls and update case history whilst the client is on the phone is essential.


What are your working hours?

My current working pattern is between 7.45am and 6pm, however, I am contracted from 7.45 until 8pm.


What is the office like where you work?

The office is very modern and open plan; the Directors and Management are very friendly and approachable and have an open-door policy. I really like the open plan set up because you get to know people quickly.


Are you part of a team? What is the atmosphere like in the team?

Yes, I work as part of a team and we are all very supportive of each other. If I’m not sure about something, my manager is always available to check with. The atmosphere is very positive, and there is good team spirit. My manager has encouraged me to progress within the team which has led me to take on more responsibility such as training new starters. We work well together in the Customer Services team.
What do you do on a day-to-day basis?

While it depends on what stage the clients you speak to have reached, it can include taking calls from clients and third parties, sending emails and letters in order to progress claims, liaising with other internal departments, providing guidance and understanding on claims and the claim process and resolving queries and issues. It is also crucial to always leave accurate call logs so that another member of the team or company can easily pick up from where you left off.


Are there chances to progress?
When I first walked through the door, I was worried I would be out of my depth, but after a couple of weeks I picked it up and really started understanding things especially thanks to the great training you get. Looking back two years later, I realise how much my knowledge and skills have developed so that now I’m doing stuff I would never have thought of.

My manager has always encouraged me to push myself and now I am a mentor for others in the team which I really enjoy.

There are lots of other opportunities; previous Customers Service colleagues have progressed to become Claim File Handlers or gone to work with the Portal and First Response Teams. You can even apply to be supported through a training contract to become a solicitor or undertake a CILEX qualification.


Are there any perks?
My favourite is that you get your birthday off and when it lands on a weekend you get the day before off. You can receive an extra three days off if you don’t have any sickness absence days during a year which is also good. I got that last year!

As well as what you would expect in terms of the serious things like pensions, you get free tea and coffee, company paid nights out, social events for each department and a Christmas event which I think is a nice perk. How many companies really offer that? They even bought us an ice cream during the hot weather!
There are other perks too which I have yet to explore.


How easy is it to get to work?
You get a discount on the Metro which is literally across the road from the office which helps!
I drive from Cramlington which can take around 35 minutes and there are a variety of parking options.


What do you enjoy most about working in this role?
I enjoy the daily interaction with all callers; every call is different which makes the job enjoyable and interesting.

It is also great to have regular team training giving me the opportunity to gain new skills which will help me to continue to progress.


The Winn Solicitors Customer Service Team is currently expanding, if you have customer service experience and are interested in applying for a role, please visit www.winnshr.com/vacancies