• Winns Welcomes David Benham to the Team


Winns Welcomes David Benham to the Team

(L-R Michael Warmington, Associate Director; David Benham, Applications Manager; Clint Milnes, Head of Change Management)

Winn Solicitors is thrilled to welcome David Benham to the role of Applications Manager in our IT department.

David comes to us with over 19 years of experience, experience that has seen his skills and talent become highly sought after in the industry. The last 14 of those years has seen David become heavily involved in the use of Proclaim, particularly in the motor-claims sector.

Applications Manager

It's these expert skills that made David's hiring such an easy decision to make. As Applications Manager, David will be working alongside Clint Milnes, Head of Change Management, and bringing the benefit of his considerable skills to bear across the entire Winn group.

David's main focus from the offset will be to make sure that our processes are as streamlined as possible, giving us an edge over competitors when it comes to actioning claims. “It's going to be a big task,” says David. “I do think, however, that the fantastic team that we have in-house, and the flexibility of the Proclaim tool that we are using will allow us to get on and do it.”

Joining Winns

We couldn't be happier that David has chosen to join us at Winns, especially as we know there were attractive offers from a range of other companies on the table. Thankfully though, our reputation as an employer preceded us and proved to be a major draw.

“One of the main reasons I chose to come to Winns was because of the excellent reputation it has always had, and in fact still enjoys today,” explains David. “I've known a few people who have worked for Winns, and they've always spoken very highly of it as a company, so when the opportunity came up to join as Applications Manager it really made sense for me to say yes.”

David is currently getting to grips with his new role, but he already has his goals set: “Getting the team to bond and really come together so that we can work together to tackle the really big and testing projects that are on the horizon is my main focus right now.

“I'm just settling in myself, but once the IT team is really pulling together I know we'll be able to help maintain Winns' good name into the future.”

Associate Director, Michael Warmington said “I would like to welcome David to the company during a significant period in our business development. With David, Clint and the entire IT team working in harmony, I’m confident that we can meet our growth expectations and that no task or project will be too big for them to tackle together”.