• Katie Williamson


Winns Trainee Takes Seat on ACL Student Council

Winns will be lending its voice to the Association of Cost Lawyers’ (ACL) student council, thanks to trainee costs lawyer, Katie Williamson!

Katie, who is currently studying to become a Costs Lawyer on the ACL training course, has been elected to join the recently formed student council where she will be instrumental in shaping the progression and development of the ACL training course.

Katie came to Winns thanks to our strong standing within the North East and our keen focus on training to get the best out of our team. It’s this drive for improvement and understanding that has taken her all the way to the student council, and she is now relishing the chance to represent her fellow ACL students by putting forward their opinions and suggestions at regular meetings.

“I’m really looking forward to working with the ACL, both as a student and a student council member,” said Katie, “being a current ACL trainee should mean that I can use my first-hand experience, not to mention the views of my fellow students, to benefit the Student Council and the ACL in general.”

Chris Lloyd, Costs Manager adds: “I am excited about Katie bringing her undoubted ability to developing the current student council, as well as in turn no doubt being a breath of fresh air for the ACL.”