• Winns Internal Career Development Continues As Four More Solicitors Qualify


Winns Internal Career Development Continues As Four More Solicitors Qualify

Four Winns staff have successfully completed their Solicitor Training Contracts progressing their career development plans and expanding the expertise of Winn Solicitors.

Amy Mill, Chloe Jasper, Helena Kennedy and Joe Carton, who started their Winns journey as either legal assistants or clerks, were successfully awarded training contracts which began in April last year.

Being awarded a training contract had been the goal they were all aiming for and they embraced the opportunity.

Chloe commented, “Completing a training contract was something I’ve always worked towards, so I was really happy when I was given the chance.”

The trainees all relished the opportunity to work in different parts of the business as part of the training, with Amy telling us, “I found doing seats in different departments the most interesting part of the training contract as it gave me a chance to see how other departments work within the firm and it helped me consider the impact my own work had on them. I was able to take the knowledge and skills from my seats and apply them in my Portal role.”

Helena was able to hone her area of focus, “The most interesting part of my training contract was working on technical medical cases. The higher value claims tend to be more varied and require more detailed scrutiny and consideration.”

The support from Winns to assist completion of the training contract included funding the SRA registration fee and Professional Skills Course (PSC). Joe added, “Winns provided the opportunity to experience other departments and deal with things you wouldn’t on a regular basis, such as costs issues. We were also able to spend days at university working on the different modules of the PSC and taking the required exams.”

Amy was also grateful for the on-the-job assistance, “In each department I worked in, I found the team members and leaders very accommodating and helpful; always supportive.”

Looking to the future, the Newly Qualifieds have found different areas of interest with Chloe setting her sights on Employee and Public Liability, “I loved going to EL/PL and doing something that was different to my daily work, so going forward I would really like to build on the knowledge I gained from my seat in that area of law.”

Helena admits that it is a great feeling to be qualified, “I was determined to qualify as a solicitor before I was 25 years old, so I’m thrilled to have done it!”

Joe is equally pleased saying “I joined Winns four and a half years ago and am over the moon that I am now a qualified solicitor. It has been hard work but definitely worth it. I am grateful to Winns for giving me this opportunity and for their support throughout.”

Jo Amos commented, “I am delighted that these four have successfully completed their training contracts and are furthering their careers in the legal profession at Winns. They are the latest in a long line of Winns employees who have deservedly qualified as solicitors.”


If you are interested in embarking on a legal career with Winn Solicitors, please visit our dedicated HR website for current opportunities.