Winn Group Staff Take Greener Commute on Clean Air Day

Winn Group were hoping to make a big impact on Clean Air Day, with 72 of our staff taking part in a greener commute.
Winn Group are fully supportive of the initiative, which is designed to raise awareness of the effects of vehicle emissions on our surroundings.
With air pollution a hot topic of debate, Winn Group were keen for our staff to travel to work in as eco-friendly a way as possible. This included car sharing, using public transport, cycling and walking to the office.
With that in mind, we offered a delicious breakfast to every member of the team who used an eco-friendly way of getting into work.
“The breakfast was a fun way of encouraging people to change their travelling habits, but the message is a serious one,” said Winns Digital Marketing Manager Amy Thompson.
“Air quality has an impact on us all and it is incredibly important that we do all we can to lessen our carbon footprint.”