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Winn Group promote Healthier Lifestyles and Improved Attendance at Local School

Winn Group has joined forces with local school St Lawrence Primary to promote improved attendances and healthier lifestyles, as part of Road Safety Week.

The school offers students a chance to enter a draw to win a bike, but only if they have 98% or better attendance for that term, with Winn Group funding the purchase of bikes from the local Cycle Centre, based on Shields Road.

Also promoting healthier lifestyles and greener commutes to and from school, the bikes are given out at the end of each term to two children who are drawn out of all the entries, with eligibility based on the near-perfect attendance record.

“When I arrived at St. Lawrence's, our attendance was among the very lowest in the Local Authority. I believe it was in the bottom three schools in Newcastle,” said Headteacher Paul Brown.

“Immediately, to raise standards, I felt that we had to do something positive to reward good attendance as well as tackle poor attendance. I came up with the idea of having a bike giveaway, with a draw taking place each term for two bikes.

“It gave the children something to aim for and gave the subject of attendance a much higher profile in school.

“We have worked in partnership with the Cycle Centre on Shields Road for some time and they have proved to be wonderful friends of St. Lawrence's and we are delighted to welcome the extremely generous financial backing of Winn Group to the cause to help make a difference to young people's lives in Byker.”

Michael Warmington, Head of HR at Winn Group, said: “At Winn Group, we are committed to promoting better health for children, and so sponsoring the bike purchases for St Lawrence Primary is hugely rewarding.

“It's great to see the children in our local community getting out and taking regular exercise and in helping to promote a healthier lifestyle with the carrot of a bike, it is hoped in turn that higher attendances at school are achieved. We are very happy to promote and be involved in Road Safety Week and give our support to St Lawrence Primary.”