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Winn Group Launches Staff Led Core Values

Following focus group sessions across the Winn Group and individual survey responses from our 380+ staff, we are delighted to announce the Winn Group Core Values chosen by the staff, for the staff. These values will form the 4 pillars of the Group and will underpin everything we do in order to be the ‘best one stop shop for accident management and rehabilitation in the North East’.

Emphasising the depth and quality of people we have working within Winn Group, the top 4 values chosen all have Trust at their foundation. The values chosen are:

Our ability to do the right thing. To act with honesty and be consistent in whatever we do. Where everyone plays their part.

A bond that translates into better efficiency and better service.

Demonstrating commitment to each other and to our clients.

An assurance towards doing our best for our employees and our clients.

Having been chosen by the staff, these values are already very much a part of the way we work at Winns. This formalisation of them as Winns ‘pillars’ will now filter into every area of the Group in a variety of ways serving as a reminder of the worthy values that unite us.

Michael Warmington (HR Director) commented, “We are very grateful to our staff throughout the Group for their input and we look forward to supporting their choices and values by ensuring we always work within the chosen ‘pillars’ that form the foundation of our working environment.”