UK Faces Poor Maternal Employment Rates

A study of UK mums has found that childcare costs are a preventing factor in their decision to return to work.

Social networking site Mumsnet co-hosted the survey, which also found that “employers’ unwillingness or inability to offer more hours was the second biggest barrier to work for working mothers”, according to HRMagazine.co.uk

In comparison, nations with the best maternal employment rates included options such as flexible working hours and holiday accrual.

Emma Stuart, the co-founder of flexible work organisation Timewise, is reported as saying: “Women’s skills remain underutilised in the labour market at all levels, in spite of the fact that what business needs most, is a diverse range of skills and experiences”.

“Key to solving the issue lies in tackling the perception that part time equals ‘part value’, and in helping businesses to shape jobs at all levels in a way that allows them to be worked more flexibly.”

She went on the say: “Forward thinking businesses are already trailblazing in this area, we need to see more celebration of good practice”.


[Article inspired by http://www.hrmagazine.co.uk - Image courtesy of Flickr]