• Joe, Nicole and Ashleigh


Training Contract Success for Joe, Nicole and Ashleigh

Congratulations are in order for Joe Timlin, Nicole Gavaghan and Ashleigh Finlinson, who have been awarded training contracts with Winn Solicitors.

Joe, from Hartlepool, studied at Northumbria University, and was working as a Legal Clerk in the Trials Team prior to undertaking his training contract. He is currently working on disputed Part 7 cases.

Joe said: “I’m really looking forward to taking the next step within the firm, and getting a better idea of the company as a whole, moving seats and dealing with more complex issues.

“The process of obtaining a training contract was interesting – I looked at the current changes in the personal injury industry and how it will affect the business coming up, and came up with suggestions to help continue its growth.

“Hard work is recognised at Winns – it’s great that going the extra mile to impress clients is appreciated.”

Nicole, from Thornaby in Teeside, studied her LLB Law Degree at Teeside University and her LPC at Northumbria University. Since joining the firm in August 2015, she has worked in the Portal Team.

Nicole added: “Since joining the firm, I have built great relationships with my colleagues and my role has allowed me to develop my legal skills and knowledge, leading me to obtain my training contract. I found the process of applying for a training contract positive, it has allowed me to progress within the company and achieve a career goal. The feedback given was helpful to allow me to improve and to ensure that I knew what was expected of me as a trainee.

“I’m looking forward to beginning the next step of my career with Winns and feel this is an excellent opportunity for me to expand my knowledge within the firm.

“Once I have completed my training contract I’m hoping to gain experience within more complex injury and multi-track cases.”

Ashleigh, from Newcastle, studied for her degree at Northumbria, and has worked in the Portal Team at Winns for two years, dealing with claims that have been litigated, negotiating with third party insurers to reach settlements, and submitting claims on the portal and valuing medical reports.

Ashleigh said: “I am incredibly excited to begin my training contract. I am looking forward to the start of my new journey and to experience the challenges that this will inevitably bring.

“Upon completion of my training contract, I would love to expand my knowledge further and deal with more complex injury cases at Winns.

“Since beginning my career with Winns I feel I have developed and grown as an individual. I have met some lovely people during my time here and I am very excited to continue my career with the firm. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and excited to see what lies ahead.”

Associate Director Jo Amos said: “Congratulations to Joe, Nicole and Ashleigh on obtaining training contracts with Winns. This is a fantastic achievement for all three, and a reflection of their hard work to date. We look forward to supporting them as they develop in their careers.”