• Traci Celebrates Ten Years with Winns


Traci Celebrates Ten Years with Winns

IT Manager Traci Armstrong is celebrating 10 years with Winn Solicitors. Here, she tells us more about her time with the firm.

“I joined Winns as a Claims Handler in the First Response Team, before progressing into the Clerks department. In September 2007 I returned the FRT team, which I managed for five and a half years. During my time in FRT, I helped to develop an almost fully automated system, which allowed case handlers to process claims more efficiently.

After moving on to aid the streamlining of the case management system for other departments, I became the manager of the IT Team in April 2014. It’s a challenging role and I’m very much enjoying it!

I initially joined the firm after an interview with Jeff, when he outlined what he envisaged for the company. It’s been fantastic to watch his plans come to fruition – and more!

It’s also great to see the opportunities that Winns offers its staff to further their careers. It makes me very proud to see people that I have interviewed, employed, and managed doing so well within the firm.”

Managing Director Jeff Winn said: “Since joining Winns in May 2006, Traci has been a real asset to the firm. She has an in-depth understanding of how the business works, as she has been a valued member of several departments across the company during the course of her career. Congratulations on reaching ten years with Winns, Traci!”