Susan Cundall Celebrates Decade Milestone

When she walked through the doors at On Hire a decade ago, Susan Cundall was a bundle of excitement, nerves and optimism looking ahead to a new role at a growing North East company.
With faces such as Chris Cullingworth, Beverley Clark and Michelle Watson there to greet her in the office across the way from the current Brinkburn Street building, Susan settled in to life as a case handler and has been an asset to the company ever since.
Fast forward 10 years and she received gifts for reaching her milestone moment, something she hoped would be the case after seeing, first-hand, the potential of the company.
“My first day was very exciting and everyone was so welcoming,” she said.
“I hoped it would be a long-term job. I had seen the potential and thought that it seemed a great place to work.”
Despite the massive growth in On Hire, and indeed Winn Group as a whole, there is one main reason as to why she has stayed.
“The company has grown so much since I started, with loads of new people and the growth and expansion is massive,” she said.
“I think I have stayed here because I love the people I work with and it’s a very friendly place.”
On Hire Manager Cheryl Charlton said; “Susan is an asset to On Hire with her extensive experience and knowledge in her role. Congratulations to her on reaching 10 years with the company.”