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Staff Top 10 Reasons to work at Winns

We asked Winn Group staff to provide their top three favourite things about working with the group and were delighted with the responses!

Below are the top 10 reasons to work at Winns:

1. “Hard work is recognised, and progression opportunities made available to those who deserve it.”

Our training and development programme is tasked with creating development plans for each individual, including guidance from department heads and our dedicated T&D Officer. As well as ensuring that internal communications are engaging, relevant and informative, the minute a new member of staff arrives, they can access training and information relevant to their own career journey. With the wide variety of offerings throughout the business, comes the associated variety in career development options. As new opportunities arise, they are communicated throughout the business.

2. “Every day is different, which makes work interesting.”

Many staff engage with clients on a daily basis. Each client has different needs in terms of their individual case and the best way to communicate with them, this means there is natural variety in everyday work. For support staff working across all of the Group companies, variety comes through the different cultures, focusses and needs of the different businesses.

3. “The company is always changing and progressing, to stay ahead of the game and the various processes/changes in the law, so it’s never boring!”

With a company philosophy routed in putting the customer first, we ensure we embrace new technologies to facilitate that, staying ahead of the competition while being flexible enough to change as laws and processes do.

4. “Free Coffee – Other places I have worked at you have needed to pay.”

One of the many day-to-day benefits is high-quality machines providing free coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Other benefits include a newly refurbished break out lunch area for a proper switch-off during break times, and showers for those wishing to exercise on the way to work or at lunchtime.

5. “The people I work with are kind and considerate, making the day go by more enjoyably.”

The staff are key to the positive atmosphere of our day-to-day lives and do us huge credit by being welcoming and friendly, as well as hard-working. Great camaraderie exists within the many teams working within the group.

6. “The relaxed team atmosphere in a high-pressure environment helps us to always perform at our best.”

While we are results driven and expectations are high, we know that to get the best out of our staff we don’t need to micromanage them, allowing an element of freedom of thought in order to get the job done well. We listen to our team members and have an ideas forum and suggestion boxes!

7. “I feel like I am part of a successful business; if we work hard and do well, the firm will do well.”

Team spirit and open, two-way communication allows staff to be aware of the impact their role has on the business and is another trait of our staff/management relationship that we are immensely proud of. Constant communication enhances the relationship between employees and the management team of the business, including monthly 1-2-1 meetings ensuring everyone is working towards agreed goals.

8. “I feel trusted in my job which in turn makes me feel appreciated.”

In a recent survey to determine our values as a Group, we are proud to say the resulting staff choices were all embedded in mutual trust. This was brought together by our staff as they chose our core values, ‘the 4 Pillars’ - Integrity, Respect, Loyalty & Reliability, all underpinned by Trust.

9. “Getting paid mid-month.”

Practicality for staff is as important as encouraging a feeling of self-worth. Small, convenient touches like being paid in the middle of the month rather than the end, having car parking at the office and a metro and bus saver scheme for those travelling by public transport, all make life a little bit easier.

10. “Access to free physiotherapy.”

As well as the benefits you might consider as standard from a company, Winns have many additional ones that you might not expect. These include everything from reduced price cinema tickets, free eye tests, money towards glasses for VDU use, a cycle work scheme, buying and selling holiday and financial advice, to name just a few.


We aim to lead through best practice to inspire and challenge, nurture talent and share successes which add value to the business and staff alike.

We provide a ‘one stop shop’ for your personal and professional career development.

We aim to manage change, to train and retain our quality staff and reward success.

If you are interested in a career with Winn Group, head to the Vacancies page of our dedicated HR website to view the current opportunities.