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Sarah Hepple Latest to Qualify as Solicitor with Winns

Following the recent announcement that Sarah Hepple received a distinction for her LPC, we are delighted to announce that she has now formally qualified as a Solicitor. This is particularly impressive as the two achievements were completed alongside each other.

We caught up with Sarah to congratulate her, pass on our huge respect for her achievements and find out the details of how she did it.

When you initially started the process to become a solicitor, what was your motivation?

My motivation to complete my Training Contract and LPC was knowing that I would successfully qualify as a Solicitor in September 2019.

When did you start studying to become a solicitor?

I began my 2-year Training Contract in September 2017.

What were the various stages you needed to complete in order to qualify?

I completed a Law Degree at Teesside University in 2014. Then after gaining some experience working as a Legal Clerk within the Portal Department, I started the Legal Practice Course (LPC) at Northumbria University and secured a Training Contract with Winn Solicitors at the same time. The LPC allowed me to study different areas of Law in practice. As part of my Training Contract I completed the Professional Skills Course (PSC) at Northumbria University in which you are taught the main skill set required to become a Solicitor. I also completed different Seats within the Firm enabling me to put these skills to practice.

What was the greatest challenge you faced in order to complete the stages required to qualify and how did you overcome the challenge?

Completing the LPC alongside my Training Contract has been challenging but highly rewarding and is my biggest achievement in my career so far. With the encouragement of colleagues, family and friends, I was able to stay focused and organised which enabled me to complete both the LPC and Training Contract at the same time.

What did you find the most interesting part of the process?

I enjoyed studying different areas of law within my Degree, however, the LPC and Training Contract allowed me to experience what it is like to work in practice within the area of law which I found most interesting.

How has the process met your initial expectations and how has it differed?

I expected studying both the LPC and completing my Training Contract at the same time to be challenging. However, the knowledge and skills I have learned are highly transferrable and invaluable to the work I do daily.

How will qualifying change your opportunities going forward?

Qualifying will hopefully enable me to progress within the Firm as an established Solicitor and I look forward to more opportunities to progress.

What would be your top tip for someone starting their journey to become a solicitor?

I would advise anyone starting the process of becoming a Solicitor to get as much experience as they can to develop and build upon their skills. Staying organised is also key to ensure that you can stay focused.

Will qualifying give you more free time? If so, what are you looking forward to using that time for?

Now I have successfully completed the LPC and Training Contract I’m looking forward to spending more time with my family and hopefully have some extra trips hiking in the Lake District.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
I’m grateful to Winn Solicitors for being given the opportunity to complete a Training Contract. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working within different departments within the firm and hope to progress my career dealing with more technical matters.

Associate Director, Jo Amos, praised Sarah’s attitude to her work and study adding, “Sarah has worked very hard to reach the point of qualifying as a solicitor. This was reflected in her being awarded a distinction in the LPC, achieved at the same time as undertaking her training contract.
I am sure that Sarah will continue this hard work and dedication once she qualifies and that she has a successful career ahead of her.