• Sarah and Haleema Celebrate Success


Sarah and Haleema Celebrate Success

Following success in their previous roles, two of Winns high achievers, Haleema Gohar and Sarah McCulloch, have been promoted to become Legal Clerks.

Both members of staff are fairly new to the company, making their achievements even more impressive. Sarah has been at Winns for 11 months, while Haleema took up her first position at the firm only two months ago.

Haleema, from Fenham, began her career at Winns as a Legal Assistant, before progressing to the role of Legal Clerk earlier this week. Her role as part of the Vehicle Damage Team involves liaising with insurance companies and solicitors regarding hire and repairs, and issuing files for court hearings and trials.

When asked about her new role, Haleema said: “When I started with Winns I wanted to progress to become a Legal Clerk, however I didn’t realise how quickly I would be able to move up. I have now started my new role and I am receiving all the training I need to help me succeed.”

Sarah, from Hebburn, joined Winns 11 months ago, and was quickly promoted from Administrative Assistant to Legal Assistant, before stepping into her new role as Legal Clerk. Like Haleema, Sarah’s role involves speaking to clients, third party solicitors and insurers in order to settle vehicle damage claims.

Regarding her career at Winns to date, Sarah said: “I am really grateful for the opportunities I have been given in my career at Winn Solicitors and I couldn’t have got where I am without the constant encouragement I have received from my team leaders. I look forward to excelling in my new role and hope to be a continued success.”

Solicitor and Vehicle Damage Team Leader Debra Grieveson said: “I am delighted that Haleema and Sarah have made such excellent progress with the firm. Despite both being fairly new to Winns, they have learned quickly and gained the skills they require to move up within the company. We look forward to seeing them develop further in their careers.”