Quartet Celebrate Work Anniversaries

Kelly Bolam has reason to celebrate this month after passing the 15-year mark at Winns.

She is not the only one who will be celebrating in May, with Jonathan Frith, Natalie Scott and Stacey Urwin also reaching a milestone moment; 10 years at the company.

Although not able to celebrate with colleagues, there was still plenty of praise for them for their effort and endeavours.

Paul Hewitson, Deputy Head of FRT, said; "Kelly started in our admin team and has worked her way up to become one of our senior claims handlers in the First Response Team. Kelly certainly puts her 15 years of Winns experience to good use, showing care for her clients and work colleagues, and is an asset to the department."

Kelly's line manager, Thomas Douglas, said; "Kelly is a valuable member of the team and it has been a pleasure to work alongside her during her time at Winns."

When discussing Jonathan's milestone moment, Michael Warmington, Associate Director – Head of Group HR and Office Management, said; "Jonathan has been a fantastic member of Winn Group for some time now and has shown his loyalty, commitment and dedication to the company over an extended period of time in which he has achieved a management position within the business. He's a great personality to have in the office and we'd like to congratulate him on reaching this notable milestone."

Jenny Turner, Natalie's line manager, said; "We are delighted to join Natalie in celebrating this 10-year milestone. Natalie is a loyal and dedicated employee and the foundation of any successful company.

"She has grown throughout the company over the years, working in many departments, and we were delighted when Natalie made the move into the File Closure Department, proving herself to be a valuable member of the team.”

With Stacey set to pass a decade at Winns, Central Administration Manager Susan Dodgson said; "Stacey is a hardworking and loyal member of staff. She has been at Winns for 10 years now and that demonstrates her loyalty as well as her consistency in terms of her approach to her role. She's a valued member of my team; congratulations Stacey!"