• Kurtis Dodds


National Apprenticeship Week: Meet Kurtis

This week is National Apprenticeship Week; a week to celebrate the success of apprenticeships and to encourage even more people to choose apprenticeships as a pathway of learning.

We spoke to one of our own apprentices Kurtis Dodds from Whitley Bay to find out about his role in the business and his ambitions for the future.

What type of Apprenticeship are you doing?

I am completing my Business Administration Level 3, and am working as an Apprentice Insurance Customer Services Advisor.

Why did you choose an Apprenticeship?

The reason that I chose an apprenticeship is because not only does the qualification that I will gain look great on a CV but I also wanted to gain a qualification by working on the job and not just sitting in a classroom or a lecture theatre; this apprenticeship gives me the ability to do this.

How long have been working at On Insurance?

I have been working here for 1 month now.

Why did you choose On Insurance for your apprenticeship?

The insurance industry has always interested me and seeing this opportunity, I jumped at it the first chance I had. I wanted to gain some valuable experience working in this field of work and On Insurance will give me all the knowledge I need. Everyone I work with is great and the work is very enjoyable.

What does your role involve?

On a day-to-day basis, I am completing various tasks within the job; whether that be speaking to customers on the phone and helping them get details about their claim or even helping them log a new claim, to dealing with the admin side of claims and helping them get processed as quickly as possible.

What were you doing before your Apprenticeship?

I was playing football for Gateshead FC as part of their 3rd year football programme. This was after doing 2 years at Gateshead Academy for sports.

What are your ambitions for the future?

What I am first looking to do, is to complete the full year of my apprenticeship and gain the valuable experience and knowledge that my job within On insurance will give me. Once I have this experience, I want to try and further myself within the company and go as far as I can, giving myself new challenges.