• Meet Winns New Look Marketing Team


Meet Winns New Look Marketing Team

The Winn Group marketing team is making strides towards being fully staffed, as it brings in two new team members in key roles.

Natasha Tompkins and Ross Jackson have joined the department as Marketing Executives, bringing many years of diverse, individual experience. Both Natasha and Ross are currently learning the ins and outs of the business, and will soon be taking on the task of developing the marketing and brand strategy across all Winn Group companies.

Natasha comes to us with an impressive background in investor relations and marketing communications, and has joined Winns after eight years as a freelance marketer. Ross, meanwhile, is driven by a strong work ethic that has seen him take on a media management position with Morpeth Town AFC, as well as writing and content roles with a varied range of publications.

It's these past experiences that will help them to create engaging content while liaising with internal teams and external partners.

“Natasha and Ross are bedding into their new roles really well,” comments Amy Thompson, Digital Marketing Manager. “It's been a real challenge to keep the marketing activity as up to date and current as it needs to be in the months before Natasha and Ross joined, but now that everyone is in, and steadily getting their heads around the business, we're looking forward to picking up the pace.

“As well as the day-to-day marketing we've always done, the team is all keen to explore new ways of getting the good word about Winns out to both the public and staff alike. With Ross and Natasha's different experience, we're going to be in a better position to do that than ever before.”

Amy's team will soon receive an extra boost as well, as Victoria McBride is due to return from maternity leave mid-October.

With the marketing department soon to be operating at full strength once again, you can expect to hear a lot more about the good work that we do at Winns in the future.