• Meet the team: Tom Walton - Business Development Manager


Meet the team: Tom Walton - Business Development Manager

1. Where did you work before starting at On Medical? And what did you do?
I’ve worked at 3 different law firms previously, but I’ve spent the majority of my career as a fee earner at Lyons Davidson, dealing with personal injury claims. I was there for 4.5 years. I have briefly dealt with criminal injuries claims, but predominantly RTA claims.

2. What is your role at On Medical?
A lot of my role is what I covered whilst I was doing RTA claims; what the purpose of a medical agency is, and the role a medical agency plays within a Personal Injury claim, so that side is second nature. The actual selling side, going out and building client relationships is very different. I am now maintaining and developing existing connections with current instructing parties, and also aiming to build new connections.

I work closely with Hugo, the Business Development Accounts Manager. He deals with the accounts side of things, including reaching out to new firms of solicitors to instruct us and also to existing instructing parties, assisting with booking meetings in for both myself and for James Shields. For example, if I agree different terms with a new instructing party, I will feed that to Hugo who will then update all of the systems. That has then got to be approved and signed off by the Commercial Director, Ian Scanlan.

3. What appealed to you about the job?
I’ve known Ian Scanlan for a while, and when he approached me about this opportunity it sounded great as a next career step with the chance to build new knowledge and gain new skills while discovering a new area of the industry.

4. What is the most interesting thing about working at On Medical so far?
I am really enjoying the new challenge, learning new things and seeing the industry from the medico-legal perspective. I had done a lot of instructing of medical agencies from the solicitor’s claims handling side of things, but to flip it around and see what actually goes on from this side has been really interesting.

5. How do you plan to develop the role?
It’s early days, but it‘s in the job title really. I will only develop in this role if I develop the business by expanding our workload. If I’m not bringing any work in, then the role will not develop. If the work keeps coming in, then the business as a whole will develop. The more work that I can bring in might mean that we eventually have to expand, and that’s the way that we can look to develop both as a business and for me as an individual.

6. How do you see your future at On Medical?
I’ve actually only been doing the job for little over 3 months now, so I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds, but my main aim is to continue on progressing within my current role.

7. Is there one interesting thing about you that not a lot of people know..?
This took a lot of thinking about! Not many people know that I have a share in a racehorse that ran at the Cheltenham Festival last year, and is called Solo Saxophone. About 15 of us are involved in the syndicate, and it definitely keeps me occupied outside of work!