• Meet the Winns Sales Team


Meet the Sales Team

Did you know that we have a dedicated sales team? Led by Chris Birkett, our six-person strong sales team travels the country on behalf of Winn Solicitors, establishing links with brokers and third parties that benefit all parties involved.

Ed Carvell, Mark Pallas, Lee Radley, Ron Evans-Brookes, and Lesley Stephenson are in charge of developing strong, lasting relationships between Winns and brokers, dealerships, bodyshops and taxi companies. To that end, they provide training, support, reporting and other essential services to these groups, services which help them work on behalf of their clients more effectively.

Each member of the sales team deals with specialist areas, with Business Development Executive Ed Carvell, liaising with brokers. “I think it is important to have specialisms,” says Ed. “For example, my background is in insurance and working with insurance brokers, whereas Ron’s background is automotive and dealing with repairers.

“With different focuses we can concentrate on what we have in common with each different group, like shared background and experiences, in order to work together more effectively.”

Why we work with brokers and other companies

So what part does a broker play in the claims process? Put simply, they act on behalf of the customer to ensure they get best deal with the insurance company. It's the responsibility of a broker to negotiate and manage the life-cycle of a policy for the customer.

“Working with dealerships and brokers gives Winns a consistent, regular amount of business,” explains Ed. “When accounts grow, Winns can grow with them, thanks to the strength of the relationship. A really strong partnership can even bring in other new work if the dealership or broker is part of a bigger network.”

When a broker, dealership or other company signs up with Winns, they receive a version of the Winns service that they can then sell to their clients, providing us with more claims. So if someone goes through their insurance broker or dealership to make a claim after an accident, they are then redirected and their claims are looked after by the team at Winns. The claimant is always made aware that Winn Solicitors will be providing support for their claim after initial contact is made.

The benefit of engaging the likes of car dealerships, insurance companies, and brokers is that clients already have a pre-existing relationship with them; with all of the trust, brand recognition and customer history that comes with it. They may be more likely to engage with them than to seek out the services of a personal injury solicitor, but this partnership allows us to provide more clients with services such as like-for-like vehicles.

Building bridges

The sales team then helps us to create a bridge between Winns and those clients, and the best way to do that is by working in the field, in a roaming role that takes them away from head office.

“We visit brokers, dealerships and others on their turf for several reasons,” adds Ed. “It's easier for them, which builds an amount of goodwill, and it also allows us to keep in regular contact with more organisations more easily.”

Their work alongside our brokers and others may be carried out independently from our head office, but the sales team give us at Winns the chance to help more people to get the compensation they deserve after a non-fault accident.