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Louder Than Words: A Case Study

New ground has been broken by Winn Solicitors, the first law firm to achieve the Louder than Words™ charter mark.

The firm recently took a business decision to improve access to their services for the deaf and hard of hearing and fill a gap in the personal injury market. As a result, they turned to Louder than Words™ as the best possible tool to ensure that they meet the highest standards of customer service to the one in six potential clients with a hearing loss.

Supported by Action on Hearing Loss, the firm trained their staff in deaf awareness, installed an induction loop at their reception desk and sourced portable loops for private meetings in dedicated quiet rooms. The company website contains an innovative live chat feature, allowing potential clients to begin discussions with Winns without the need for a phone call.

A dedicated Louder than Words™ team ensures that Winn’s deaf awareness policy is up to date and complied with. Existing staff have access to comprehensive guidance in print and on the company intranet, while new recruits are provided with this information during induction.

The firm has already received positive client feedback through the customer service portal Trust Pilot, and Winn’s own staff are delighted to see the firm’s commitment to equality in action. In addition, Winn was Highly Commended in the Client Care Initiative of the Year category at the 2013 Modern Law Awards.

Quite apart from improved customer service, the Louder than Words™ process has also had knock-on benefits for the firm in areas as diverse as equality, health and safety and social media, says Michael Warmington, Office Manager and Head of Human Resources, who is keen to recommend the charter mark to other businesses.

“We are delighted to have received the Louder than Words™ accreditation through Action on Hearing Loss. We value equality and diversity and it is vital that we are able to support customers and potential employees who are deaf or have a hearing loss.

“We wish everyone to access the highest level of legal support in the unfortunate event of a road traffic accident and our hope is that this best practice charter will reassure accident victims who are deaf or hard of hearing that we can support them”.

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