Leanne Duffy Qualifies as a Solicitor

She burst into tears when she was awarded a training contract and now Leanne Duffy has another feel-good moment to celebrate.

Dundee-raised Leanne – who is currently on the Vehicle Damage team - has worked tirelessly at Winns over the last four years and celebrated being admitted to the role of solicitors on Friday, March 15th.

“When I was offered the training contract back in 2017, I just remember bursting out crying. I was at home in Dundee with my family when I qualified so it’s a bit of a blur, if you know what I mean?” said Leanne, who studied the LLB Scots Law at the University of Dundee before studying the CPE and LPC at Staffordshire University.

“I loved doing my training contract at Winns and really enjoyed completing my seats within the Costs, Litigation and Complex teams.

“It was very interesting learning what the other departments do and I don’t think we give each department enough credit for their roles. It was interesting seeing how each department has an impact on the other.”

So, what does the future hold now that she has passed this significant milestone?

“My career ambition within Winns is to keep contributing to maximising profit for the business and hopefully progress to a senior solicitor role,” added Leanne, who started out at the company as a legal clerk in March 2015.

“I am learning the new process which, even though I have been here for four years, is a brand new job; I am learning all over again.”

Jo Amos, Associate Director, said: “We’re delighted that Leanne has qualified as a solicitor. She has worked hard to achieve this and will no doubt continue that hard work within the Vehicle Damage team.”

Trainee Supervisor Paul Morpeth added: “Congratulations to Leanne for completing her training contract and qualifying as a solicitor. She has worked extremely hard to achieve this goal and I am sure she will be a valuable asset to the Vehicle Damage team and the firm as a whole.”

Winns would like to congratulate Leanne on the completion of her contract and wish her continued success with us!