• Jonathan Frith


Jonathan Qualifies as a Costs Lawyer

Winn Solicitors is congratulating Deputy Costs Team Manager, Jonathan Frith, who has recently completed the ACL Training Costs Lawyer Course, which qualifies him as a Costs Lawyer.

Jonathan said: “It’s nice to have completed the industry’s definitive qualification. The increased knowledge and awareness of the sector in which I work has impacted my role on a daily basis over the last three years. Continuing professional development enables me, along with the rest of the team, to remain highly successful in the ever-changing arena of costs law.”

“At a time when practitioners across the country were predicting the end of the ‘costs world’ following the Jackson reforms, Winns enrolled me on the ACL course without hesitation and have helped me financially throughout. Three years have passed and civil legal costs are still as complicated as they have ever been. Thanks to the forethought of the directors, I continue to achieve my own personal aspirations and the firm now has a third Costs Lawyer."

HR Director Michael Warmington added: “It’s great to see Jonathan pass his ACL qualification and become a qualified Costs Lawyer. This is a huge achievement, and Jonathan deserves great credit for his hard work and dedication. He will now bring his added experience and dedication to the Costs Team and continue to be integral to the development of the department.”