• Jennifer Kermath


Jennifer’s Secretarial Success

Congratulations are in order for employee Jennifer Kermath, who was recently promoted to the role of Trials Team Secretary.

Jennifer, from Hazelrigg, joined Winn Solicitors just over a year ago. She started her career as Administrative Assistant on the Post Team, before progressing to Trials Team Secretary in June 2015.

In her new role, Jennifer will be responsible for updating clients on the progress of their claim, assisting solicitors with paperwork and liaising with third party insurers.

Jennifer said: “I am very pleased to have moved into a new role at Winn Solicitors – it’s a great opportunity to learn new skills. Winns always try to support their staff to help them progress to their chosen department or role.”

Deputy Manager of the Trials Team, Emily Sunderland said: “We are delighted that Jennifer has joined the Trials Team. She has made excellent progress in the company so far, and we look forward to seeing her develop in her new role”.