Jayne Allison Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

When asked about the changing structure and size of Winn Solicitors following her 10-year anniversary, Jayne Allison put it simply: “Everything has changed!”

When she first started at the company, on March 2nd 2009, the Costs Team were based outside the upstairs toilets, with On Medical being based alongside the toilets where the Trials team’s offices are now located. The Costs Team then moved across the road to the old On Hire building whilst On Medical moved out and building work was completed. FRT were also based at Brinkburn, sitting in the position the Costs Team is currently.

“Absolutely loads has changed,” said Jayne, who is based in Hartlepool.

“I think it has about doubled in size in terms of staff. We have got more companies, like On Insurance and On Health; it has changed a lot. There were only three teams when I started; Trials, Clerks and FRT. Now they have the Multi-Track Team, Trials Team, Part 7, Part 8 and Portal.

“You struggle to know everyone now so when you have got to see so and so, you go on the intranet!”
Amidst the evolution of the company, there needs to be consistency and that is present in Jayne, who has remained in her role for 10 years

“I’m not one for swapping and changing jobs,” she continued.

“I had been doing costs for 10 years before I started here, so I felt like an expert as I had been doing it for so long.”

Jonathan Frith, Costs Team Manager, said: “Jayne has been a key member of the department for as long as I can remember. I can always rely on her to provide a high standard of work, no matter what the circumstances; I am lucky to have her on my team.”