• James Hegarty on The Journey From Apprentice to Accounts

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James Hegarty on The Journey From Apprentice to Accounts

Before I started my apprenticeship at Winns I was in sixth form studying 4 different subjects, after the first year of sixth I realised it wasn’t for me. I started to apply for jobs, I saw Winns advertising a business admin role and applied.

I chose Winns because they were advertising an apprenticeship in business administration. The apprenticeship was only for a year during which I gained a level 3 after completion. I felt like this was a good way to get my career started, as this could open many pathways for future employment. It was also something I was interested in, as I knew I felt most comfortable working in an office.

My job on the post team included mainly sorting the incoming and outgoing post. It would involve me using scanners and photocopiers, using a filing system. I had to allocate and hand the post out to the correct departments, fee earners and administrators. Sending and distributing incoming faxes making sure all the details were logged. I was responsible for the archiving of files. I occasionally went out of the office to complete deliveries to the courts including Trial bundles and post. I would also go to the bank to bank the cheques. On a day to day basis, I would complete stationery runs for fee earners or departments in need of anything from pens, paper and rulers to leaver arch files, ring binders and screen raisers etc. I would have to provide refreshments (tea, coffees, water) for directors and clients when requested. I was also responsible for the general tidiness of the office and my work area. In addition, I would take incoming calls from fee earners.

My Winns apprenticeship has helped me develop skills such as communication, leadership, teaching and working with and meeting new people. Since I was there for over a year I worked with many teams which included different personalities where I have made some very good friends. The apprenticeship has also made me feel comfortable working in an office and talking to people I don’t know.

I’ve definitely grown in confidence throughout my time here. Also, the work for my apprenticeship was enjoyable to do.

I got help from my assessor who guided me in the right direction to complete each unit. My boss also helped and made sure I had allocated time to work on my apprenticeship.

After I completed my apprenticeship, I got the chance to move throughout the company. A vacancy became available on the accounts team which I applied for straight away as it was a department I was keen on moving to. As I was known throughout the office and had a good reference from my boss, the accounts team asked me to join them which I was thrilled about.

There were other options too where I could have had tasters working with other departments to see what I liked the most including in our other office. The company always had intentions of moving me on which I knew was a good sign from day 1.

In the future, I hope to progress in the accounts team maybe gaining a higher role. I can see myself working here well into the future.