• Haleema, Liam and Daniel Celebrate Success


Haleema, Liam and Daniel Celebrate Success

Congratulations are in store for Liam Warren, Daniel Strong and Haleema Gohar, who have all recently completed their training contracts with Winn Solicitors, and are soon to be admitted to the solicitors roll.

This is a fantastic achievement for all three, who have all been working at Winns for around three years, after completing undergraduate studies in Law at Northumbria University.

Haleema, from Newcastle, started her career with Winns as a Legal Assistant in the Vehicle Damage team, and was promoted to a Legal Clerk within one month. She completed most of her contract in Vehicle Damage, but also had seats in the Portal department and the Costs department. She moved across to the fraud team for her final seat four months ago, and will qualify in this team.

Daniel, from Scunthorpe, joined Winns as part of the Costs department, before moving to the Portal Team, where he has now been offered a role as a solicitor.

Liam, from Hartlepool, has worked in both the Portal Department and the Vehicle Damage Department, where he will remain upon qualification.

Haleema said: “I enjoyed completing my training contract - the different seats were interesting, and enjoyed learning the personal injury side of the law as I had always just worked on the vehicle damage side. I am qualifying in the Fraud Team and I thoroughly enjoy the investigation side of the claims.

“I am really excited about completing the training contract and qualifying as a solicitor as it makes all the hard work over the years worthwhile.

"I'm hoping to increase my experience in dealing with claims in which fraud is alleged and look to progress my career at Winns in the future.

“The people at Winns really make it a great place to work. There are also always opportunities to progress your career or gain experience in other departments within the firm.”

Daniel added: “Completing a training contract with Winn Solicitors has allowed me to gain experiences in other departments, and develop my skills and knowledge.

“I am looking forward to being admitted to the roll of solicitors – all the hard work of university and the training contract will have paid off.

“In the future, I hope to develop further as a solicitor, eventually practising in the area of sports law, as this is a personal interest of mine.

“Working at Winns has allowed me to meet some great people, who have helped me on my journey to becoming a solicitor.”

Liam said: “I found the training contract to be challenging and rewarding. After studying law for many years, it’s a real achievement to have completed my training contact, and I look forward to qualifying and starting a new chapter in my career.

“Upon qualifying, I hope to gain more experience working on higher value, more technical personal injury files.

“Winns is a great place to work, with fantastic people, and many opportunities for personal development.”

Associate Director Jo Amos added: ‘We’re delighted to see Liam, Daniel and Haleema complete their training contracts with Winns. This significant achievement in their careers is a testament to their hard work and dedication. Shortly, they will officially qualify, and have their names added to the solicitors roll – congratulations to all three!"