• MI6, London


For Queen And Country

MI6 recently caused a buzz in the HR circuit after releasing their latest recruitment ad, which highlighted “The Fast Track To Becoming An Intelligence Officer”.

The advert came in the form of a flowchart quiz that asked questions designed to lead successful applicants to the jobsite.

The questions were also designed to challenge the public’s preconceptions of MI6 and the world of espionage. At one juncture in particular, it leads both male and female applicants to the conclusion that “your gender doesn’t matter”.

The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) website disbands the stereotype too, adding: “Spy. It says it all, doesn’t it? Covert surveillance. Peering around corners. Maybe even high-speed chases and shoot-outs in casinos.

“Everyone knows that this is what spies do. It’s obvious, isn’t it? Well, the first thing to know about MI6 is that nothing is obvious. The skills that make for a good intelligence officer certainly aren’t. Let’s face it: if they were, counter-espionage would be the easiest game in the world.”

HR Grapevine reports: “The flowchart goes on to show that MI6 is looking for empathetic individuals that get on with diverse groups of people, can be trusted and have an instinctive curiosity. Candidates are also asked to keep their application secret.”

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