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Females Most Fulfilled Employees

A study of 2,000 UK workers has found that female employees in their 40s are the most fulfilled in the country.

The findings are attributed to a good work/life balance and a sense of vocation. On average, that worker was found to be aged 42 and earns £29,000 per year.

Randstad UK and Middle East CEO Mark Bull is quoted as saying the fact that women came out as most fulfilled was “inspiring” in terms of equal opportunities.

“Clearly, not everyone in the UK can be a well-educated, 40 year old woman. But you don’t have to fit the typical profile of a very fulfilled worker in order to reach your full potential and feel more fulfilled in your career,” he said.

“Our research has shown that the majority of those who describe themselves as fulfilled feel the key to achieving it is firmly in their own hands. It’s up to us to determine how engaged we are in our day-to-day work. Employers play their part, of course, but many of us need to grasp the nettle and proactively make changes to increase our fulfillment.”


[Article inspired by www.hrmagazine.co.uk]