Double Milestone Celebration

Two staff are celebrating major milestones at the company during September.

Carriann Walker will pass the 10-year marker, with Jenna Whitton surpassing 15 years.

The former currently works as an On Medical customer service administrator, while Jenna is a development analyst in the IT department.

Sarah Maddison, Head of Commercial at On Medical, said: "Carriann always has such a positive attitude in the office and provides invaluable support to her colleagues from her wealth of experience within the group.

"She is an absolute pleasure to work with."

Speaking about Jenna's achievement, her line manager Shaun Hughes, Proclaim developer in On Medical's IT department, said: "Jenna is a much loved and important member of both our team and On Medical.

"I've had the pleasure of working with Jenna over the past five years and she has helped, not just myself, but everyone within the business immensely.

"This is a fantastic milestone that Jenna has reached during her career within Winn Group and we'd all like to congratulate and thank her for all she does for us."