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Degrees Proven To Boost Employability

Upon completing university, getting a good foothold on the career ladder can be something of struggle for graduates. Just this week, BBC Radio One reported on a worrying trend of graduates that struggle to secure a career related to their chosen field, while HR Magazine highlighted a report published by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) which found that almost half of graduates in the UK are working in non-graduate roles.

The medical profession was proven to have the highest graduate employment rate with 95% of doctors and dentists securing work. Those with degrees relating to media and IT were the second most successful at securing work, at 93%.

It is understood that the report defined a graduate as someone having a qualification above A Level and confirmed that graduates were more likely to be employed compared to jobseekers with lower or no qualifications.

The ONS is quoted as saying: people who had been to university are still more likely to find work and earn more throughout their career than non-graduates.

Here at Winn Solicitors, we believe in nurturing new talent. We continues to employ graduates on training contracts, and over the last six years we have offered full time roles to all of our trainees upon qualification.

All our training contracts are designed to give trainees the best grounding in legal practice, educate them, encourage them and familiarise them with our work in practice.

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