Cheryl Charlton Toasts 15 Years at Winns

Although the number of people passing the 15-year mark at Winn Group is increasing, it is still a rare moment to celebrate.

So, when Cheryl Charlton moved beyond that milestone on February 16th, the flowers and bottle of bubbly were well deserved!

“I’ve been here for 15 years; I see it as a big achievement,” said the manager of On Hire.

“I’ve only been in On Hire for two years. I worked in FRT before that as a handler, trainer, then became a team leader. I moved to On Hire as assistant manager and was promoted to manager within seven or eight months. I didn’t expect to be On Hire manager as quick.”

Change and the company’s growth have been constant within the last 15 years, something, with hindsight, Cheryl expected.

“When I first started there were 25 - 30 people here and we were in the office above Kwik Save, so it was pretty small,” she continued.

“The changes made to the structures of the buildings, offices built within offices, more departments and more members of staff shows how much has changed.

“You could see these changes coming because of how fast the company was growing.

“I enjoy being part of a successful company and the people that I work with.”

Here’s to another 15 years?

“Hopefully, unless I can retire before then!” she laughed.

Congratulations to Cheryl on passing this milestone!