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Award Winning PA, Janet McCrindle, Celebrates 10 Years At Winns

Winns would like to congratulate Janet McCrindle on her recent 10 year anniversary with the company.
Janet's organisational skills and position as Jeff Winn's right-hand woman have seen her become a well-known figure throughout the office providing support to directors and management and being a focal source of information to the entire company, while her award-winning work has been recognised nationally.

Taking home the trophy for Best Organised Event at the Executive PA Awards in 2015, Janet was honoured for her work on that year's Winns Summer Party.

“I was nominated by an ex-colleague, and the awards ceremony at the Institute of Directors in Pall Mall was unbelievably glamorous, but I never expected to win,” notes Janet.

“The party itself was very nearly a disaster thanks to the weather; it was meant to be held outdoors at Jeff's house, but a freak storm on that one day meant that the marquee buckled, we couldn't have any outdoor electricals, and we had to quickly resort to plan B.”

Regardless of the unseasonable bad weather, the party was a huge, swinging success – all thanks to Janet's attention to detail and talent for sourcing the best entertainment, food, and drink.

“A big part of why it worked, I think, is communication; listening to others as well as trying to get your point across at the same time, and I think that's also true of my day-to-day role as Jeff's PA,” adds Janet.
In the ten years since she started working with Winns, and with Jeff Winn in particular, Janet has seen a great deal of changes in both the industry and the business. What hasn't changed though is Janet's loyalty and respect for her employer.

“I'm always impressed at how Jeff, and Winns in general, always manages to find a way of tackling the hurdles that new legislation throws at us with good, practical strategies. Jeff is a really proactive not reactive, person, and that helps us to stay one step ahead and keep growing.”

The admiration between PA and executive is mutual. Speaking about his stalwart aide, Jeff said: “Congratulations to Janet on achieving 10 years with the business. She has been a loyal and steadfast supporter of the business and achieved a lot in those 10 years.

“Well done Janet.”


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