• Apprentice Lewis Makes An Impression At On Insurance

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Apprentice Lewis Makes An Impression At On Insurance

On Insurance has welcomed another new apprentice!

Lewis Appleby has joined On Insurance as an apprentice customer service advisor, and will be learning more about the role, and the work of On Insurance, as he works through his programme.

With qualifications in mechanical engineering and an employment history in hospitality and real estate, Lewis comes to us with an enviable amount of life experience that is sure to help him to hit the ground running.

“I chose to complete an apprenticeship with On Insurance, and the Winn Group, because I thought it would give me the opportunity to grow professionally alongside the company as it becomes more established. In fact, I already feel like I've learnt a lot” explains Lewis. “The whole office has been extremely welcoming, especially Scott and the claims handlers, who have answered any queries to get me on the right track ASAP.”

Scott Matfin, On Insurance Manager, adds “We are really happy that Lewis has joined our growing team at On Insurance. He's already proven to be enthusiastic, keen to learn, and willing to get stuck in, and we can't ask more from an apprentice than that.”

We wish Lewis the best of luck with the rest of his apprenticeship, and for his career going forward.