• Apprentice Beth Tullock joins Winns HR

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Apprentice Beth Tullock joins Winns HR

We are delighted to welcome a new apprentice, Beth Tullock, into the HR department of Winn Solicitors.

Beth has joined the team fresh from finishing her studies at sixth form. With A-levels in English Language, English Literature and Psychology, Beth decided to opt for work-based learning rather than moving into full-time education.

“When I saw the job advertised I thought it could be a great opportunity,” explains Beth. “It was especially appealing as I wanted to balance work and learning and the Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship, rather than moving into further education."

While she has only been in the role a short amount of time and is due to start the apprenticeship element soon, Beth has already got into the swing of the day-to-day administrative duties of working in HR. New challenges she has got to grips with include administration such as recording of absence, variation to contracts, updating the HR database or actioning tasks generated from the HR email inbox and more. However, it is the people side of human resources that really interests Beth when she looks to her future at Winns.

“It’s different to what I thought I would do after sixth form and has opened a whole new world of possibilities. I find working through the HR process really interesting because ultimately it is about people.

“I'm excited about getting started on the apprenticeship. This was the most challenging apprenticeship that I saw when I was looking to start a career, and, in the past, I never saw myself working in an office. Now I'm really happy to be in the HR team. Everyone is really lovely.”

We're glad to hear that Beth is enjoying herself and settling in so well, and we'd like to wish her the best of luck in her getting her qualification!


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