• Emma Groundwell


A Day in the Life of a Personal Injury Solicitor

Emma Groundwell has worked at Winn Solicitors for four years. As a Personal Injury Solicitor in the busy Trials Team, she predominantly deals with RTA cases where liability is disputed. Emma talks us through a typical day as a Solicitor at Winns:


After grabbing a coffee on the way to work, I’ll spend the first part of my day preparing trial bundles for urgent litigated files. I put a great deal of time and effort into these bundles, in order to ensure that each case has the best possible chance of success.

If I’m attending court, I’ll get in early and prepare the necessary documents before heading to court in time for the hearing. Going to court is one of my favourite parts on the job, especially when a complex case comes together, and a client leaves with a smile on their face.


Before lunch, I’ll continue working on urgent litigated files – drafting witness statements, court applications and briefs to counsel. I’ll also take some time to looking over new case files. The first look at a new case is always interesting, as it involves considering the circumstances of the accident and reviewing all evidence on file, including witness evidence, police reports, engineering evidence and medical reports.

After familiarising myself with the case, I’ll contact the clients to discuss details, and make an initial assessment of liability. Speaking to clients for the first time is an important part of my job – it’s essential that they feel that they can trust me with their case. Building a rapport with them is crucial, and very rewarding.


After a well-deserved lunch break, I’ll head back to the office to see what the afternoon has in store for me. Winns offer in-house training sessions to ensure that we keep our knowledge up-to-date, so when there’s one on, I’ll make time to attend and brush up my skills. These sessions can be on a range of specific topics, including LVI cases and credit hire.

Following this, I’ll spend some time dealing with urgent correspondence from clients and third parties, that has come in by post and email over the past 24 hours. I’ll also make note of any court orders that have come through, and ensure that I schedule in time to prepare the cases in question for court.


By mid-afternoon, I’ll take some time to review older files and consider the next steps I should take to ensure that each case is resolved promptly. While I’m doing this, it’s usually a good time to check in with my existing clients, and answer any questions they might have. I’ll also use this time to look through new medical reports, and liaise with medical reporting agencies or GP's if any questions come up over the timescale of a client’s treatment.


After a busy day in the office, I’ll finish off by doing some prep for any court hearings I’m attending the following day, and contact clients that have requested a call back outside of working hours. I’ll dictate important file notes, and reply to any less urgent correspondence, before heading home for the night around 5.30 or 6pm. My role at Winns is challenging and rewarding – no two days are the same!